Mayor - Connie Ludvigson  – TERM EXPIRES 12-31-2019
While this is my first experience as an elected official, I am a lifelong resident of Holstein. My family roots go deep and my goal is to help Holstein understand and adapt to the changing needs a community encounters as it grows and prospers in the 21st century.  We all know change can be both difficult and frightening at times, but the strength and resilience of our citizens is the reason I know we will accomplish this goal.  You see, I was the school nurse for 24½ years and watched many of our current residents grow to become the adults that now serve on our council, commissions, boards and committees.  I have seen how they tackle challenges and how they welcome newcomers.  They know what strengths they have and understand the importance of inviting others with different skill sets and strengths to join our community as we work to make this a safe place to live, grow and prosper.  And I have the honor of facilitating and supporting the residents as they accomplish the goal of having Holstein be a successful community, not just in Northwest Iowa, but the entire state.

City Council

Danny Gebers – TERM EXPIRES 12-31-2019
I have lived in Holstein since 1990.  I am currently a feedlot manager for 6M Feedlot.  My background has been in farming or working with animals since I was a teenager.  I married Peggy Anderson in 1990.  We have four children and eight grandchildren.  I ran for Council to bring fresh ideas to the City to make it a better place.  My goals for my Council term are to stay on top of the budget and other City matters.       

Mary Gross – TERM EXPIRES 12-31-2021
I am a lifelong resident of the Holstein area but have lived in town for thirty-six years.  I currently work part-time as a sales clerk for Murray Jewelers.  I owned and operated Mary’s Café in Holstein for fifteen years.  I then served on City Council for four years and when my term was up; I was elected Mayor and served in that capacity from 1996-2015. When I was asked to fill an open seat on the Council, I decided to again serve my City.  I have always enjoyed government service.  My goals for the City are to keep a viable Main Street and to attract new businesses.  Affordable housing and rehab existing low income type housing if possible is a priority; and to keep nuisances in our community in check.   My husband Terry and I have one married son and four grandsons.

Rod Regennitter – TERM EXPIRES 12-31-2019
I have lived in Holstein my entire life. My wife, Holly and I have six children.   I currently work for the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship.  I ran for Council because I want to support the best needs for our taxpayers.  Infrastructure is a must and continuing improvements to roads and parks are goals for the community.  Job growth is always a high priority also.

Bonnie Stevenson – TERM EXPIRES 12-31-2019
I was born and raised in the Holstein area and moved back in 1998.  I am currently a Sales Administrator at VT Industries.  My husband Dave and I have six children and six grandchildren.  I ran for Council because I didn’t like the direction where the community was going.  I am a firm believer that if you don’t like something you need to do something to fix it.  My goals for the City are to keep Holstein safe and prosperous and to support the businesses that are in our community.

Joel Wellendorf – TERM EXPIRES 12-31-2021
I was born and raised in Holstein.  I moved away for a short time but moved back in 1984. I retired from banking in 2012 and currently farm. My wife Monica and I have two children. I ran for Council to do what I can to improve and maintain a great place to call home.  My goals for the City are to see growth in population by increasing quality housing options; and to improve and maintain Main Street “curb appeal”.


Administration & Personnel                                                    Joel Wellendorf & Bonnie Stevenson

East Ridge Lot Sales/ Fouts 1st Addition Promotion              Mary Gross & Rod Regennitter

Finance & Claims                                                                   Joel Wellendorf & Bonnie Stevenson

Mayor Pro-Tem                                                                       Rod Regennitter

Mayor Pro-Tem Alternate                                                       Mary Gross

Pool & Parks                                                                          Bonnie Stevenson & Danny Gebers

Streets & Alleys (Trees)                                                         Danny Gebers & Joel Wellendorf\

Utilities (Water, Sewer, Cable TV)                                          Mary Gross & Rod Regennitter